• Common Problems of Buying a Pre-Owned Rolls Royce

    Posted on November 22, 2020 by baraianwpadmminmotor
    Luxury White Rolls-Royce

    Shopping for a pre-owned Rolls Royce can be an exhilarating experience that brings you into contact with some of the most legendary cars to ever grace the roadways. But it can come with its share of challenges. Potential owners of a Rolls Royce should be aware of the problems that can crop up in used cars, even models with the highest standards of quality and engineering as a Rolls Royce.

    This article will cover some things you should check before buying a pre-owned Rolls Royce and the problems you might encounter after buying.


    It’s critical to check the engine condition when inspecting your Rolls Royce or considering one for purchase. The engine should not be oily or dirty, as this could indicate it is leaking fluids or otherwise has not been well-maintained. Belts and hoses should be in good condition and not leaking, loose, or damaged. At Bavarian Motor Repairs, we can inspect the engine for you and let you know about any potential problems that could arise in its current state.

    Console and Control Switches

    An older model car may have faulty controls on the console, from loose or missing switches to buttons that don’t work or displays that have grown dim or stopped working altogether. It’s prudent to test any console features that you can.

    These sorts of issues might seem like a minor inconvenience until the broken switch is the one that controls the headlights when you drive after sundown. Replacing any console features that are missing or broken can be pricey and should factor into your decision on whether to move forward with your purchase.

    Brakes and Suspension

    You need to know if the Rolls Royce model uses a hydraulic system for its suspension or brakes, as with many older models. These systems can leak and should be carefully checked.

    Make sure the suspension offers a smooth ride. A classic Silver Shadow, in particular, uses a hydropneumatic suspension that should offer a very high-quality ride, but age and poor maintenance might have degraded the performance of this system.

    Even in newer models, it’s important to check the brakes and suspension for smooth, reliable operation, as these are critical to the safe handling of the car. Take the car out for a test drive and include braking at highway speeds to see how the brakes and suspension respond.

    These systems are complex and specialized enough that they should only be serviced by someone highly knowledgeable in the intricacies of the car brand. Bavarian Motor Repairs, we proudly service BMW, MINI, and Rolls Royce and can restore the brakes and suspension for you to ensure they operate safely and efficiently for years to come.

    Cosmetic Appearance

    Check for any cosmetic issues that could lower the resale value (or just general enjoyment) of the car. Look for any faded or split leather upholstery and for woodwork that is cracked or peeling.

    Often pre-owned cars will have damaged or faded paint, so be sure to look at the paint and details carefully. Be sure the appearance of the car is such that you can either live with it or are comfortable paying to have restored.


    Often, Rolls Royce use specialized tires. Make sure the tires are the proper size and type for the model and that the previous owner hasn’t swapped in cheaper model tires that will lead to poor handling. Also, check the condition of the tires and confirm they aren’t worn or balding.

    Missing Accessories or Parts

    Rolls Royce is a car manufacturer that is known for attention to detail, and it’s worth checking to see that the car you are considering buying has all the appropriate accessories.

    Some things to consider are an owner’s manual, a service booklet, tool kits, and extra key remotes. Don’t forget to check that the spare tire is in place and usable. The car should also have a jack. If the Rolls Royce has wheel covers or wheel locks, make sure the key for these is on hand.

    Rolls Royce Pre-purchase Inspection

    Professional Service for Rolls Royce by the Best in the Business

    At Bavarian Motor Repairs, we work at the highest levels to earn our client’s confidence in standards for service and providing an excellent customer experience. Our mechanics are ASE certified and rigorously trained.

    We can service your Rolls Royce, BMW and MINI vehicles at any of our locations in Washington D.C., Largo, North East, Upper Marlboro, College Park, and Capitol Heights, MD. Set up an appointment with us today and let us show you that when you trust us, your Rolls Royce will be in great hands. We look forward to earning your business.

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