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The check engine light causes more frustrations in drivers than any other issues. It can be hard to diagnose and depending on the severity, it can mean expensive repeat visits to get the issue repaired. Instead of an endless guessing game, see why so many drivers turn to the experts at Bavarian Motor Repairs. For years we’ve helped BMW, MINI, and Rolls Royce drivers all throughout the Capitol Heights area take care of their check engine lights faster.

Common Reasons the Check Engine Light is On

At Bavarian Motor Repairs we use the latest diagnostic equipment to determine why your check engine light is on. From there, our technicians can handle repairs quickly for all check engine light causes including:

  • Broken/loose gas cap
  • Failing catalytic converter
  • Cooling fan repairs
  • Damaged/worn out O2 sensor
  • Electrical issues
  • Bad spark plug wires/worn spark plugs
  • Mass airflow sensor repairs (MAF)

No matter what the issue is, our shop is equipped to handle it quickly and correctly.

Your BMW, MINI, and Rolls Royce Experts

For years our technicians have helped BMW, MINI, and Rolls Royce owners throughout Capitol Heights and surrounding areas like:

Driving with the check engine light is an unnecessary risk that can greatly damage your car’s performance and lifespan. Instead, call or visit Bavarian Motor Repairs today. Our expert technicians are here to help you get the best out of your car with every visit.

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