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    Posted on December 8, 2020 by baraianwpadmminmotor
    BMW Clutch Failure

    The clutch of your BMW has a very specific and important job, so when it breaks down, it is important to diagnose and repair the problem as quickly as you possibly can.

    A clutch’s basic job is to take the rotational power generated by the car’s engine and transfer it to the wheels via gears of the car in order to make it move, accelerate, and decelerate. A clutch only exists in cars with manual transmission; automatic cars don’t have this component.

    Signs that your BMW’s clutch needs repairs

    There are a number of ways you can diagnose clutch problems before taking it in to get those repairs done. If you see, hear, or feel any of the following symptoms, make sure to take your car to a mechanic as soon as possible to have your clutch inspected for damage.

    A Burning Smell

    If you’re familiar with driving a manual transmission, you probably remember the burning smell as you first learned how to shift gears while accelerating. If you smell a burning scent as you’re driving as an experienced driver of manual transmission cars, it may indicate a bigger problem. This doesn’t always mean repairs are needed, so if you are accelerating and decelerating a lot (such as driving on highways with traffic), the smell can happen more often. However, it can be a sign that your clutch plate is worn and needs to be replaced.

    Gears Slipping

    If you can feel your manual transmission slipping out of gear or into neutral as you’re driving, this could be another sign that your clutch plate has been worn down to the point that it needs to be replaced. However, it could also be caused by an oil leak that is leaking directly onto the clutch plate, causing it to become over-lubricated and slip. Either way, this can be dangerous as it can make driving unpredictable, so take your car in to be looked at as soon as possible if your car is slipping out of gear regularly.

    Strange Noises

    If your clutch is making a grinding noise or a squealing noise as you press the pedal down when shifting gears, there could be something wrong. The sound of grinding could be due to user error, but it could also be a sign that your clutch is dragging. This would mean it is not releasing fully, which if left unattended, this could do damage to the system. The squealing noise could also be a problem. It could be a failure of your release bearing. In any event, if your clutch is making strange noises as you drive your car, this is a problem that is worth looking into by a trusted BMW expert.

    Acceleration feels slow

    If your acceleration feels slow compared to how you’ve pushed down your pedal and/or how the engine is revving, it could mean that your clutch is beginning to fail. This could be coming from a clutch disk that is wearing out, causing power from the engine not properly transferring to the wheels of your car.

    Difficulty shifting gears

    If getting into gear feels harder than usual, this could be another indication there’s something wrong with your clutch. Normally, it’s a problem with the levels of hydraulic fluid being low. However, it could also be due to a bad clutch linkage, which is a more serious problem. This can happen when you shift into first gear, or when you shift gears while driving.

    BMW Clutch Repair

    Bavarian Motor Repairs for your BMW Service Needs

    If you suspect the clutch in your BMW, Rolls Royce, or MINI is having problems, it is prudent to bring it to a skilled professional to diagnose the issues and have parts repaired or replaced. Pay attention to the sounds and smells your car produces, as well as how it feels when you drive it.

    If you live in the communities in and around Washington D.C., Largo, North East, Upper Marlboro, College Park, or Capitol Heights, MD, be sure to take your car into Bavarian Motor Repairs conveniently located in Capitol Heights, MD. We’ll quickly diagnose the problem with your clutch and get you back on the road with confidence in your BMW. We look forward to earning your patronage.

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