• Causes of Your Car’s Automatic Transmission Issues

    Posted on September 2, 2020 by baraianwpadmminmotor
    Car Automatic Transmission

    For many drivers, they want an automatic transmission to make driving easier and more convenient, allowing them to focus on the enjoyment of driving with minimal distractions. However, with automation comes an increased risk of part failure and issues. Transmission issues can be expensive to repair, but any problems that arise need a quick response to prevent more severe damage from occurring. To be able to respond quickly, you need to know the reasons behind automatic transmission failure and be cognizant of some of the signs and symptoms of these issues.

    Signs of Automatic Transmission Problems

    If your vehicle starts to develop these worrying symptoms, then you’ll need to have your transmission checked by a professional for signs of trouble. It is important to not continue to drive your car if you suspect transmission problems, as this will likely only increase the severity of the problem, resulting in increased cost and length of repairs.

    1. Transmission Slippage

    If you notice your automatic transition unexpectedly slips out of gear or changes gear for no reason, then you likely have a transition issue. You may be faced with strange noises such as whining or a change in engine pitch, or you may notice that you vehicle drops in power and acceleration is lacklustre.

    2. Rough Shifting

    Your car may resist shift gears or may even refuse to change to certain gear. This may be accompanied by noises such as thuds or clunks when the gear shift takes place. Getting up to speed may also be a struggle.

    3. Hesitating Gearbox

    Gear changes should be snappy and instantaneous, but with transmission issues, you may notice that this change seems hesitant. You may even notice a long pause between changes accompanied with engine revving.

    4. Fluid Leaks

    Your transmission system uses a pressurized lubricant known as transmission fluid to change gears and keep heat down. This is a closed system but can be prone to leaks. Therefore, if you’ve parked your car for a few hours and notice droplets on the ground below your vehicle, then you may have a transmission leak. Transmission fluid is usually bright red in color, though this red may be darker or muddy if the fluid is old or has been contaminated by oil. Underfilled transmission fluid can also cause problems. When filling the system up, you also need to be careful that you don’t overfill the reservoir, as this can cause further problems.

    5. Warning Light Illumination

    The illumination of the transmission warning light can indicate an issue with your automatic transmission. When this light illuminates, you should have the problem investigated as soon as possible. The illumination of this light is triggered when your car’s onboard computer detects an issue and alerts the driver. It sends out an error code which can be interpreted by a mechanic to aid with repairs. The code P0700 denotes a general transmission issue.

    Routine Transmission Servicing

    When it comes to preventing the troubling signs listed above, the very best thing you can do is to follow the service plan recommended by your vehicle’s manufacturer. Your vehicle owner’s manual will indicate the correct times for fluid and filter changes, and your mechanic can also advise any additional repairs. Routine transmission flushes can be very beneficial to your transmission system, as it will clean away old, expired fluid as well as any debris which has accumulated before fresh fluid can be added. When this happens, your trusted auto repair shop can also have a good look at your automatic transmission and pick up on any potential issues which need to be rectified.

    Routine maintenance is important because it allows you and your mechanic to catch problems early when they are minor and prevent them from taking hold and requiring more expensive repairs or part replacements. This will save you both time and money.

    Car Automatic Transmission Issues Fix

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