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    Posted on September 18, 2020 by baraianwpadmminmotor
    MINI Fuel Gauge

    You’ve just finished your errands for the day and are headed to go fill up your MINI Cooper before heading home. You pull into the gas station and fill up your tank, check out, and then get back in prepared to head home, but something isn’t right. Your fuel gauge still stuck where it was before. You know the gas couldn’t have disappeared that quickly. The problem couldn’t be a lack of gas, so it must be something faulty with the fuel gauge.

    The fuel gauge in your car is essentially one of the many sensors that lets you know what’s going on with your car. It is connected to a meter called the fuel sending unit, that measures the amount of fuel in the tank so you know how much your car is running on at all times. But if your fuel gauge is stuck in the same place and you’ve just filled your car, there is likely a bigger problem with the gauge itself or the fuel sending unit.

    Fuel Tank Measurements

    While you may feel the fuel gauge is not a vital component to your car’s essentials, it can ultimately affect your ability to operate your vehicle. The fuel gauge is in place to aid the driver in monitoring how much fuel is left in the tank at all times. While this may seem like a small thing that doesn’t need repairing right away, it is far more important than you think. Monitoring our fuel is the only way to know when it is time to fill up again. Running out of gas can be a scary thing and can do a lot of damage to your car without you even realizing.

    If your gas tank is full but the gauge is telling you otherwise, you may try to go fill it again without thinking. Overfilling is not only bad for your car, it can cause gas leakage that can cause fires, electrical issues, and more.

    Components of the Fuel Gauge

    Your fuel gauge is the indicator for how much fuel is in the tank, but the problem or fault could be with the components of the fuel gauge unit. Here are some other causes of faulty fuel readings:

    Sending Unit

    The sending unit is the meter that gauges how much fuel is in the fuel tank. If it has malfunctioned, it cannot give the fuel gauge an accurate reading to establish the actual level of fuel in the fuel tank. This means the unit could be dirty, corroded, or simply stuck.


    The fuses that are connected to your fuel gauge could easily be blown and need replacement. If they are not functioning at full capacity, it is likely a good idea to replace them. You can tackle this problem yourself, but it requires knowledge and the ability to work with electrical parts without harming yourself or the intricate workings of your Mini.


    If the voltage is bad on your fuel gauge, it is likely due to a fault in the wiring. Corroded, worn, or dirty wiring from the fuel pump to the gauge can cause it to behave erratically or even cease function completely. You can attempt to clean the wiring, but it will more than likely need replacing. This is best handled by professionals who make Mini models their specialty.

    Mini Mechanic Checking Fuse

    Bavarian Motor Repairs for Faulty Fuel Gauge Issues in Capitol Heights

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